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The Story

Back in the year 2000, two young and ambitious industrial designers began their journey to solve by design, the world’s greatest problems, all along their 1hr commute to and from work. Many ideas brewed, some were recorded, and some were built. But through this journey, they had faith that when the timing was right, they would deliver new creative solutions that would benefit everyday people.


20 years later, and bound with experience and wisdom, Matt Ibarra and Chris Chang founded Product Motif, Inc. to produce purposeful products that people in need could use. With their first product, Nose It All, they can help a common occurrence be less annoying, and less inconvenient. With 60% of everyday people experiencing a nosebleed at least once in their lifetime, Nose It All will be the go-to solution to stop irritating nosebleeds and get back to everyday life.


And it doesn’t end there. It is their mission at Product Motif to discover everyday problems and work to deliver the most creative and convenient solutions to the multitudes.

Matt Ibarra Founder/Inventor 

Matt Ibarra is a dedicated entrepreneur with a background in product development, and over 20 years of experience delivering state-of-the-art products to market for all major industries. His creative drive fuels his passion to bring new ideas to the marketplace and catalyzed him to found Product Motif, Inc. and bring the essence of needed solutions to the multitudes.

His love for GOD and family is the foundation for the work he is called to do, designing products with true purpose to help people through their daily activities. He developed and patented Nose It All as a simple solution that uses an unknown, yet proven technique, to stop nosebleeds on demand.

Through the years, he has used his talents to develop products for other companies, large and small, and then branched out with his longtime friend, Chris Chang, because “If GOD gives us a truly innovative idea, then who are we not to build it?


Chris Chang Founder/Partner

Chris Chang is an entrepreneur that is fueled by seeing ideas come to life and having a positive impact on people’s lives. For twenty-five years he has been designing products for the consumer space and medical devices for surgical applications and lab environments.


Chris enjoys problem-solving and implementing a vision. His faith and skills have given him some truly unique and challenging opportunities, and he enjoys the journey.


Chris has also had an opportunity to contribute to his home church as it was growing and needed help with systems and structure. He was invited to take a role as the Director of Operations and held the role for three years.

Chris has often thought if we can design products for our clients and create a solution for everyday problems why can’t we do that for ourselves.

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